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when you're trying to wait

While Waiting on the Lord

For the longest time I thought that God had forgotten about me. After all that I've been through at such a young age. I never knew that he was preparing me for this. Though I've stumble, but he picked me up. I share this with you because I too did some unGodly things while I waiting on the Lord. I chose relationships that I had no business having just because I was afraid to be alone. I'm here to tell you that when he says "I'll never leave you nor forsaken you." He meant every word. Waiting on the Lord is not easy, but he if you ask him to see you through it, he will. Our God is magnificent. You will never be sorry when you wait on him and oh how sweet it will be when he fill your cup and the over-flow is pouring out... Hold on my sisters...

Tis the season

Hello my women of God
Ecclesiastes3:1-15. To sum it up, it says there is a time for everything. I know that you are single and you've been single for a while. Fear not, the Lord has not forgotten you. You are single for a reason. There is nothing wrong with you.There's a reason why your mate has not found you yet. Noticed I said he has not found you yet. God is working on you so let him, He is preparing your mate so let him. You've had the microwave relationship before. You want God to cook this one. Enjoy your single days. The best come for those who wait patiently. Remember you are " a choice not an option."