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food for thought

Being Obedient

Have you find yourselves in deep discontent? You feel like you deserve more, and should have it.  When we pray, what we do after matters.  You cannot put yourself in position, then get out of position after prayer. Make prayer a daily routine in your life, not just when you're in a jam. When we are disobedient we hinder our blessings. God sees the heart while man see the outside.  Be faithful to God for He is always faithful to us. When you can prove to God that you mean it, when you said I depend on you. When you can prove to God that  you truly surrender ALL to Him.  When you know your life is not your own, When you follow the instruction of His word to the T, then your obedience will release the blessings that are already in stores for you.  See what God has for you, no man can take away.  If you find yourself still waiting upon a blessing that is over due, then check your obedience thermometer, and see where you are.  Be determine to make the necessary changes in order to claim all the benefits that are in arrears.  How obedient have you been when God asked something of you? How obedient are you with the instructions, dreams that was given?   Disobedient is a lack of disrespect to the one who created you.  Whatever that is hindering you and causing you to be disobedient, part ways with it right now. Get on track and make room for your blessings` that will be overflowing. It's your season, it's your time...

My Cry

Many times, I called out to you
you don't answer me
My heart is aching and full of rage
where are you as I'm going through these tough patches?
I'm asking how much more of this I can bear?
I know you see this, so please, do something
save me from my sins
Spare me the hurt and the pain
Too many years have gone by and you've been silent
At least, show up one day for a moment
Give me a sign to know that you're there
For in my heart, I know that you're real
Give me yet another reason to believe

You have power

Before you allow people to get into your head, remember that you have power to rebuke them. Before you allow negative words to bring you down, remember you have power to either receive or reject. You are not just a survivor, you are more than a conqueror, you have power. How so? you are related to Jesus... (Josie Dorlus)

Truth be told

When you keep asking yourself why do men keep treating me this way? Just know that the men that is treating you this way doesn't know God. If he did, he would know how to treat you as the queen that you are.


A lot of times, we do things because we don't know any better. Mistakes are made for us to learn from, not to be repeated over and over again. When the flesh is so weak that becomes impossible in the natural, but with God ALL things are possible. The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 " my people perish from lack of Knowledge." We must seek Knowledge, and it's in the word of God not man. Remember  that knowledge doesn't have a gender....

Temptation & Distraction

Two of the most common things that Christians and non-Christians face on a day to day basis. Lord you are the only that will never lead us into temptation. Father as we face our weaknesses, allow to overcome fear, distractions, and temptations. With God ALL things are possible. Remember that the devil tried to tempt Jesus and failed, so he will try you. He is out to destroy you, specially YOU the believers. In order to overcome distraction,and temptation you need Jesus. Remember distraction can only take place when you loose focus, and temptation can't happen without your permission...