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Real talk

"Don't tell me, show me"

We all hear " actions speaks louder than words" yet we have our blinders on when those actions are taking place.  Why is that? could it be fear, fear of seeing, hearing, and knowing  the truth. Don't tell me that you know God's words, show me how you applied them daily, not when I'm around. Don't tell me how many scriptures you can quote, show me where they are. Don't tell me that I'm the only one, show me where you live and introduce me to your family.  Don't tell me that you grew up in church, show me what you've learn all these years. Don't tell me that you're separated, show me your divorce papers.  Don't tell me that you're clean, show me by taking a test.  Don't tell me that you love me, show me by your actions.  Don't tell me that you will be better, show me what you're made of.  Don't tell me that you're a man of God, show me you respect His word.  Don't tell me that you'll marry me, show me the ring and set a date.  Don't tell me that I'm worth it, show me that you can wait and abstain. " He who has ears let them hear" ( Matt/Rev) I hear a lot of talking.  when I see your feet are in alignment with your mouth maybe I'll buy it, until then don't tell ,me show me then give me some time to verify your credentials with my father.