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Love is patient, Love is kind

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When was the last time you love patiently? Did you rush the process? Did you manipulate it? When was the last time you actually showed kindness? Are you aware that, that comes with love? Are you getting back at the person you claim to love by hurting them for what they've done to you? Love is forgiveness, so why are you holding on to hurt that is eating you away from the inside? Be careful an earthly Doctor can diagnose that as something else. Are you keeping score?if so where would you be on God list if He decides to keep scores? Would you be loosing or completely disqualified? Love doesn't keep track of wrong doing, that why we are still here and not discarded by the things we've done, God loves us that much. God invented Love, He created us with love. My question to you is what did you do with it?....


Love is an art. It gets interesting every time. So as you share your heart remember that you are the brushes, and your heart is the drawing board. You are the brushes that’s doing the painting. No matter how many times you draw a picture, it is different every time until it becomes a master piece. Then you decide who’s worth getting you Picasso.  Are you working on love today? (Josie Dorlus)

How great thou art

I don't know how many times, I've sang this song. The more I get to know our father, the more in Love I am with him. He allowed my heart to be broken so many times, just so I can depend on the best heart surgeon there is to fix it. He patches my scars and they fade away by faith every day. Never thought that I would be so much in love with you Lord. Every girl dream is to be with a doctor, and here I am with a heart surgeon, and internal Med. He specialized in every area there is. How bless am I, best of all I don't need insurance to be seen, no copays.