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When you truly believe

Many times we pray, but do we really believe  in the power of prayers. It gives me so much joy to share this with you today. Don't give up on God when you don't see the results of your prayers right away. The waiting period sucks, but how sweet is the sound of victory.  How wonderful is joy, the one that surpass all understanding. When they enemy thinks that he has won, you can rest in Jesus and laugh because the battle is a fix one, you already won.  Just wait for your day to do your victory dance. Just because God didn't answer yet, doesn't mean that He did hear you. He hears all cries, and if you just hold on, and give Him a chance to do only what He can do. Speechless is how you'll feel. When you believe, you will see the power of His love, the one that never fails. I dare you to continue to have faith in God regardless how you feel right now. Yes you've been praying, and waiting for a long time for your answer. One thing for sure, when the heat rises God is right around the corner. When you truly believe without a doubt amazing things will start to happen. Besides God hasn't failed you yet, and He never will. Keep on believing....

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