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Ladies and gentlemen not everyone you meet was meant to be your mate. Beware that every time you sleep with someone that slept with someone else, you're picking up spirits. Think about it; why else would you be acting outside yourselves sometimes? Do you run the red lights when you drive? No you wait for it to turn green. Can you wait before you give up your body to Tom, Harry and you gentlemen Susie or Mary. None of them are clean. You don't want a ticket for running a red light, but you have no problem insulting God with your actions. Think about it , where are your priorities? " when people show you who they are believe them" (Maya Angelou) Think about it, just because he/she's is talking about Jesus doesn't mean that they know Him. Be careful of the false prophets that are for PROFITS.  They are after your soul and you can't afford to loose that. Be careful of the ones that want to throw their titles in your face. Jesus never boast about who He is, that should tell you that, That's not a good fruit to bear. You will know them by their fruits. (Mat7:16)  Ladies and gentlemen think about who you say you are in Christ. Is He living in you? Stand in from of a mirror if you please...do you see Jesus?

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