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How often do you do something because you think you know what you're doing? Most of us do things on the strength that they know what it is they are doing. Do you talk about someone because you know them or because you think you do? Knowing is power, not knowing is being powerless and defenseless. Not applying what you know is living in fear. How much do you know about God, the one that created you? Did you know that you did created yourself nor brought yourself here. The subjects that you talk about, how well do you know them? Did you study or perhaps experience them? The bible says in Hosea 4:6 " My people perish for lack of knowledge, rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee... and so on..."  Why do we have knowledge, but choose to be dumb and act dumb. If you don't know try to know. Don't try to know the things that God careless about. Would you like it if someone talks about your parents, children, siblings? You would stand up for them because you know them. If you really know what you think you know, how come you're operating in the wrong spirit? how come you're letting this world dictate, what, how you should be living? but yet you want to quote the scriptures that you memorize, and have no knowledge of what's coming out of your mouth. Knowledge is power, that's what when you know who's you are, and who you are people can't feed you  nonsense. How much of God do you know to bad mouth him? How much of God do you know to be so ungrateful? How much of God do you know to even form an opinion of Him? The knowledge you need is in the bible, not from me, a preacher, television, but from the word of God. Don't let fear determine how much you know. Don't let thinking that you know make you ignorant

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Frankfurt Coach on Friday, March 14, 2014 1:05 AM
Really the whole blog content is very impressive, your shared a very good things. Thank you for sharing all this information.
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Patches on Sunday, July 20, 2014 3:40 AM
That's the very nice post you have shared with us. I really liked it. Please keep sharing more and more information. Well done!
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