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Stop Giving the devil 2 much credit

Be careful who you give glory with your mouth, be careful of what comes out of it. Many times we blame the devil when then issue is with us. Many times our mouths bring things to life. The bible says that there is life and death in your tongue. Notice the effect words have whether it's positive or negative. The outcome is never enjoyable when it's negative. Stop giving the devil too much value, check your life to see if you have any windows open. Did the devil get in and you didn't know it? Do you have him as a tenant an didn't know? If you're just noticing it, go to the city hall of Jesus and get an eviction notice. Fear not the angels will be your sheriff to kick him out. We know that he exist, but noticing him too much is not good for your soul. Sometimes, he knows that you will mention his name. He waits for that acknowledgment so he can can do what you think he thinks he can do. Noticed I said what he thinks you think. Don't bring him to life, when things occur in your life speak positive into it. Immediately say God I know and I can see how you're going to turn this around, and so I'm giving you the praise right now  no matter what this looks like. Then leave it there because you already declare victory. I am suggesting to close the windows of sin that you have open and put a sign of no vacancies up because you're no longer leasing, renting. When you're done put up the sign that says SOLD OUT because you've been sold out for Jesus..

God bless you

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