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Nowadays, building trust is difficult.  Even when signs present themselves not to trust, yet we find excuses to do so.  The only being you can trust is God.  Trust is like a puzzle, once you break it and the pieces are scattered, it's hard to put it back together. Once trust is broken, it takes longer to put it back together. God does not loose trust or faith in us no matter how much we lie, and hurt Him.  He knows that we were created in his image, and trusts that you'll find your way with His help. Are you trying to restore trust in someone on your own? Do you find it difficult to put the pieces together? If trust is your issue today, Turn to God for help.  While you're in His presence ask Him to help you trust Him first then YOU.  Most of the time the battle is within. Let go and Trust God no matter what...

Tired of being tired

Imagine being on the treadmill for two hours. Sound weird doesn't it.  After a while one will get tired.  What is it in your life that you're tired of? and what are going to do about it? If you're on the treadmill and you're tired, wouldn't you stop.  Why don't you applied the same breaks on what got you so tired.  When you're really tired, you will do something about it.  How long will you continue to loose this unnecessary weight metaphorically speaking? if you're tired of smoking, then get help to stop, tired of lying pray to stop, tired of doing things your way and not God's way then ask Him for help. The bible says in Matthew 7:7 " Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall open unto you"  The scripture did not say you MAY, it says shall meaning you will. The question is how tired are you? how much do you want to be set free?  See you have to want it bad enough to want to do something about it. The tears, the sleepless nights that you've lost only God can give them back to you. Do you think now is time to pray??

Being Obedient

Have you find yourselves in deep discontent? You feel like you deserve more, and should have it.  When we pray, what we do after matters.  You cannot put yourself in position, then get out of position after prayer. Make prayer a daily routine in your life, not just when you're in a jam. When we are disobedient we hinder our blessings. God sees the heart while man see the outside.  Be faithful to God for He is always faithful to us. When you can prove to God that you mean it, when you said I depend on you. When you can prove to God that  you truly surrender ALL to Him.  When you know your life is not your own, When you follow the instruction of His word to the T, then your obedience will release the blessings that are already in stores for you.  See what God has for you, no man can take away.  If you find yourself still waiting upon a blessing that is over due, then check your obedience thermometer, and see where you are.  Be determine to make the necessary changes in order to claim all the benefits that are in arrears.  How obedient have you been when God asked something of you? How obedient are you with the instructions, dreams that was given?   Disobedient is a lack of disrespect to the one who created you.  Whatever that is hindering you and causing you to be disobedient, part ways with it right now. Get on track and make room for your blessings` that will be overflowing. It's your season, it's your time...

"Don't tell me, show me"

We all hear " actions speaks louder than words" yet we have our blinders on when those actions are taking place.  Why is that? could it be fear, fear of seeing, hearing, and knowing  the truth. Don't tell me that you know God's words, show me how you applied them daily, not when I'm around. Don't tell me how many scriptures you can quote, show me where they are. Don't tell me that I'm the only one, show me where you live and introduce me to your family.  Don't tell me that you grew up in church, show me what you've learn all these years. Don't tell me that you're separated, show me your divorce papers.  Don't tell me that you're clean, show me by taking a test.  Don't tell me that you love me, show me by your actions.  Don't tell me that you will be better, show me what you're made of.  Don't tell me that you're a man of God, show me you respect His word.  Don't tell me that you'll marry me, show me the ring and set a date.  Don't tell me that I'm worth it, show me that you can wait and abstain. " He who has ears let them hear" ( Matt/Rev) I hear a lot of talking.  when I see your feet are in alignment with your mouth maybe I'll buy it, until then don't tell ,me show me then give me some time to verify your credentials with my father.

A wake up call

God's love is perfect. He love us beyond measures. I don't where you're heading in your life today. Do you think God would be please with the life that you're living? God will use someone you love to give you a wake up call. You will experience tough love from Him, that doesn't mean He loves you any less. This is a reminder to wake up and put God first. This is a wake up call to stop playing church. This is a wake up call to stop living a double life. This is a wakeup call to stop using the Lord's name in vain. It's time to have a real relationship with God, in order to have one with his children here on earth. You claim that you are a Christian, and yes I know we all fall short. You've been falling for a long time now. Have you fallen so low that you can't even see the mirror?, therefore you can't see God in you. If so It's time to wake up, extend your hands so He can pull you out. Trade in your sinful life for a better one in Him.

Love one day at a time, not all at once

Love is something we all hope to find. Some of us have been through so much for the sake of love, that it stirs an uncomfortable feeling inside when you hear those 4 letter words. Deep down some of us still believe in it, but dare not to talk about it. Being in love is beautiful, but be careful when you're the one that's too in love. You will get taken for granted. Love one day at a time. Yes the person you're with should earn your love. If not they will never try to keep your love. Love doesn't keep count of wrong doing, it is patient, and kind. You don't need the kind of love that says I'll get to you when I feel like it. When these actions happens, love in that case is just a feeling. A feeling that occurs when things are going the way the person wants. I don't know about you, but I love the Lord, even when I sin. He loves me too in spite of what I've said and done. Whether I thank Him or ask for something, God loves me. The question is what kind of love are you experiencing? Is it constant or does it varies? God is a constant God, therefore He will send you someone that will love you no matter where the wind blows..  True love is that simple..

When you truly believe

Many times we pray, but do we really believe  in the power of prayers. It gives me so much joy to share this with you today. Don't give up on God when you don't see the results of your prayers right away. The waiting period sucks, but how sweet is the sound of victory.  How wonderful is joy, the one that surpass all understanding. When they enemy thinks that he has won, you can rest in Jesus and laugh because the battle is a fix one, you already won.  Just wait for your day to do your victory dance.

Think about it

Ladies and gentlemen not everyone you meet was meant to be your mate. Beware that every time you sleep with someone that slept with someone else, you're picking up spirits. Think about it; why else would you be acting outside yourselves sometimes? Do you run the red lights when you drive? No you wait for it to turn green. Can you wait before you give up your body to Tom, Harry and you gentlemen Susie or Mary. None of them are clean. You don't want a ticket for running a red light, but you have no problem insulting God with your actions. Think about it , where are your priorities? " when people show you who they are believe them" (Maya Angelou) Think about it, just because he/she's is talking about Jesus doesn't mean that they know Him. Be careful of the false prophets that are for PROFITS.  They are after your soul and you can't afford to loose that. Be careful of the ones that want to throw their titles in your face. Jesus never boast about who He is, that should tell you that, That's not a good fruit to bear. You will know them by their fruits. (Mat7:16)  Ladies and gentlemen think about who you say you are in Christ. Is He living in you? Stand in from of a mirror if you please...do you see Jesus?

My Cry

Many times, I called out to you
you don't answer me
My heart is aching and full of rage
where are you as I'm going through these tough patches?
I'm asking how much more of this I can bear?
I know you see this, so please, do something
save me from my sins
Spare me the hurt and the pain
Too many years have gone by and you've been silent
At least, show up one day for a moment
Give me a sign to know that you're there
For in my heart, I know that you're real
Give me yet another reason to believe

Going ahead of God's timing

Many times we are anxious, so anxious that we become impatient. Waiting on the Lord is one of the hardest thing to do, but when you learn how, it's more than amazing. God have a purpose for everyone, and a reason for why He places certain people in your life. Formulating the wrong relationship with those people can take you off course. Not to mention a waste of time (sometimes). I've learned that just because a person is so nice, doesn't mean that he/she is the one, or your mate. I've learn that one of the reasons why singles keep missing it, is because they're in a hurry, impatient and some uses the excuses " my clock is ticking." When you wait on God He's not just sending you someone that is nice, but someone as equal as you, that's why He doesn't want us to be UNequally yoke. The situation that you're in right now is God's hand in it? question for you " what is the purpose of the relationship you're in when GOD is NOT the common denominator"? It's time to slow down and let him lead, you're lost anyways....