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Take me to the King
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The Lord has delivered me from unhealthy relationships both romantic and friendship. It was because I was afraid of being alone and felt that I need a man to make me whole. The devil is a liar. I let go and let God. So many more to share with you all but you will have to wait for my story on my next book which is in progress.... Thank you Jesus for being all that I need and more.

I am a miracle. On November 9,2014. God saved me once again. Two weeks prior ,I got my heart broken, and I felt terrified for my life. I asked God to please spare me, for I will do better going forward. He knew my heart was sincere, and heard my cry. The day before the accident, He spoke to me. He told me how much He loves me, and that He's going to give me a clean slate, and that I shall be untarnished. I've been feeling tarnished for a while, but He saw my heart and forgave me because I was deceived by the enemy. I was given a nick name Jojo, well in this accident Jojo died so Josie can live. Keep me in prayer for I am under construction, and yes expect a book...